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bodySoul PartyPix is a Division of bodyNsoul Photography.

We provide budget event photography services and budget personal photoshoots.

A brief history.
bodyNsoul PartyPix started in January 2009 as a party picture event website in Suriname and within a few months of it’s launch it was the most visited website in Suriname At it’s peak the website would employ 15 freelance photographers covering most of the nightlife in Paramaribo. Several clubs flourished because of the popularity of the website and became the place to be photographed by the bodyNsoul PartyPix photographers and be seen on the web. However in 2011 the website failed to achieve it’s financial goals as an advertisement driven business model as advertisers were still very cautious to advertise on the internet in Suriname. Throughout it short lived live the website established a new quality expectation of what nightlife photography should look like and lot’s of it’s fanbase used the iconic images from the website as their profile pictures for their social profiles.

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